What's your style? 

I consider myself to be a lifestyle editorial photographer with a bit of edge. I am drawn to contrast and shadows. You will frequently find leading lines and patterns in my photos as well. I think it adds another aesthetic to the photo while keeping the portrait the focus. You will also find that my photos bounce back and forth between classic black and white and beautiful colors. My goal is to showcase your authentic beauty and show off your personality. Everyone needs a good model portrait, right? To see my work, click here

Where are you located? 

I am currently located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but I love to travel. I am always searching for a new adventure and would love to help capture yours! To talk more details, you can send me a message here

What do you photograph? 

I can't seem to narrow it down. I enjoy photographing everything from weddings, to portraits, to concerts, to headshots, to products. What I love the most is working with your creative vision to give you the best results possible, whether that be your big day or photos for your business. 

What are your rates?

All photography packages start at $250 and move up depending on the time, location, package, and session type. Video packages start at $350 and move up depending on film time, length, and editing preferences. To talk prices, you can contact me here

Do you shoot video?

Yes! I love to shoot videos. I make small promotional videos and short feature documentaries. I think videos are an excellent way to showcase your business. It gives you the opportunity to really show off your personality in a way that photographs cannot.