I have done engagement photos in the past, but always as a second shooter or as an intern. Katy and Ricky were my very first engagement couple that I shot on my own, and hot damn did they rock it. We took these moody photos at this amazing whiskey bar called Hayride-Scandal. It has this cool gentleman's theme with chandeliers, dark lighting, and a mixture of leather and velvet furniture. I am so proud of myself for how these photos came out. I read in a book once that it is important to take jobs that you think may be over your head. If you complete them successfully, then you have jumped a rung on the ladder. 

For these photos, I incorporated my knowledge of the behavior of light, and I was able to manipulate my off camera flash to achieve the look I wanted. I have been studying in my free time with Bernard Gilette, and I think I have come a long way because of it. You won't become great at something over night. It takes patience, lots of practice, and many, many failures before you get to the place you want to be. The minute you think you have learned it all is the minute you have truly failed. There is always room for improvement and opportunities to be more creative. Push your boundaries and try something new. If it sucks, just don't post it and try again!

Audrey Dawson